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Vineyard Institute Q2 : Intro To Modern & Contemporary Gnosticism

Rob Norman: Intro To Modern & Contemporary Gnosticism

Modern day Gnostics tend to over spiritualize everything. Often they ignore the historical teachings of Scripture and wise counsel from mature Christians, instead claiming that God has “told” them to leave their church, divorce their spouse, break a family relationship, etc.

Southland School Of Ministry | 1 Corinthians

New Years Eve | Forget What Is Behind

Rob Norman: New Years Eve – Forget what is behind (Philippians 3)

We don’t forget what God has achieved, or attained, in us; these are the foundations upon which He will build.  We do forget the pain and hardship because they are temporal; they belong to this world and are not worthy of the next world. In the end Jesus will ultimately wipe these hardships away.

Advent | The Woman At The Well

Advent | The Light Has Come

Making Disciples | Works & Actions

Making Disciples | Christlikeness

Making Disciples | Obedience

Making Disciples | The Outward Journey

Ordinary / Extraordinary | Support

Ordinary / Extraordinary | Leadership

Derek Morphew | Centre Of The Christian Faith – The Resurrection

Making Disciples | The Inward Journey

Making Disciples | Inside Out

Kenya – Participation & Synergos

Making Disciples | What Is Discipleship?

Introduction To Spiritual Formation – Southland School of Ministry

In The World | 15 – Excelling in The Arts

In The World | 14 – Kingdom Life

In The World | 13 – Leading with Integrity

In The World | 12 – World Changers

In The World | 11 – Hearing God

In The World | 10 – Raising Families in the 21st Century

In The World | 9 – Kingdom Ethics