Who’s Parenting My Children?

Rob Norman & Phil Moss: Raising Children in the 21st Century

Training children is central to parenting. Sociologists tell us that a person’s worldview is mostly formed during in the first 12 years of their life.  Education, the internet and child-care are all areas many parents are losing control in raising children.  Rob and Phil look at some practical ways parents can regain control in raising their children.


But You Are Different!

Resurrection Sunday 2019

Good Friday 2019

Raising Children in the 21st Century

Debbie and Rob Norman: Raising Children in the 21st Century

Most cultures have “rites of passage” – traditions passed down through generations that mark major transition points in the lives of children and young people.

Rites of passage are important in providing healthy transitions for children from infancy to childhood, from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to adulthood.


Transformation Of Our Minds

Jonah – Positioned For The Presence Of God

Intimacy In Prayer

The Holy Spirit – God Inside Out

Holiness – From Follower to Friend

Rob Norman: Holiness – From Follower To Friend

Many have associated holiness with moral purity or living above the moral benchmarks set by the World.  But Biblical holiness is found in intimate relationship with God. Intimacy with God changes us; we can’t stay the same when our relationship with Jesus is upgraded from follower to friend.

Hearing God

Rob Norman: Hearing God

Intimacy with God ultimately brings us to a situation where we hear Him; not just His instructions, the do’s and don’ts, but His heart for our lives, often in a detailed and personal way. This is a level of revelation that most Christians don’t experience; mostly because we are not prepared to press into an intimate encounter with God.

Worshipping God

Living The Kingdom | Shaping A Culture

Loved By God

The Presence Of God

Knowing God

Introduction To Pauline Literature

Intimacy With God

God The Provider

Who Is This Christ Child?

Commitment | Staying The Course

Commitment | Commitment To God

Commitment | A Commitment To Growth

Commitment | A Culture Of Commitment

Commitment | A Fulfilled Life

Rob Norman: Commitment | A Fulfilled Life

Real fulfillment can only be found in Christ.  Yet, discipleship caries a cost that we measure by questions like “what will it cost me if I do this?”. We may not say that ‘out-loud’, but subconsciously we ‘do the maths’ in terms of time, money and energy.  What we don’t often consider is that non-discipleship also carries a cost that can be measured by answering the question “what will it cost if I don’t do this?”