MP3’s – Living From Your Whole Heart Conference

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Carl Tuttle presents five session during the conference “Living From Your Whole Heart” from 9th – 12th April, 2015.

This product consists of  5 mp3 files, one for each session, and a copyright notice –

Session 1: Ruthless Vulnerability
Session 2: Grace the starting point, not the finish line
Session 3: De-fragmentation – Letting go of compartmentalization
Session 4: A dwelling where the Spirit remains
Session 5: Living Sacrificially – How then shall we live?




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CarCarl Tuttlel Tuttle is first and foremost a father and grandfather. He has 6 children and 3 grandchildren who are his pride and joy. He is also one of founding fathers of the Vineyard Movement and played a seminal role in the development of Vineyard Worship; having written many of the early songs of the Vineyard; including “Hosanna”, “I Worship You”, “Oh Lord Have Mercy On Me”. Carl succeeded John Wimber as pastor of the Anaheim Vineyard from 1994-1997.

His heart is to see the church built up strengthened and released into the fullness of Her calling in Christ. Carl currently serves as part of the senior leadership team at The River Church OC a Vineyard in Southern California.


Most of us have found out that there is no magic to maturing and growing in Christ. That life in Christ can be both agony and ecstasy, the best of times and the worst of times. Our circumstances can’t be the basis of our peace, happiness and joy. Living from the whole heart is about being rooted and grounded in Love, living in and by the power of the Holy Spirit, filled with the all the fullness of God.

God wants to affect more than our emotions,intellect,appetites and attitudes but wants to penetrate our whole heart, which affects our ultimate behavior, the way we live. We cry out for more and more; sometimes to no affect because God is pouring into ‘buckets ‘ with holes in the bottom.
This conference is aimed at mending the buckets, to constructing a place in which the Holy Spirit dwells and remains, penetrating the deepest parts of our hearts.


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