Jesus & No Other

Good Friday

Personal Calling

Truth & The Resurrection

Introduction To Matthew & Mark

But You Are Different!

The Holy Spirit – God Inside Out

Introduction To Pauline Literature

Introduction To ‘Demonstrating The Kingdom’

Corey Akeley: Introduction To ‘Demonstrating The Kingdom’

Do you have a growing desire to experience God in even more tangible ways? Was it God’s intent that everyone get to play in His kingdom? The answer is most definitely yes. And it starts with knowing your true identity in Christ and the importance of building up your confidence as a believer. Knowing who you were made to be ensures that you do not operate out of a motive of performance, for approval, or broken identity needs, but out of a secure identity as a child of God.

What Is The Gospel? | Jesus In The Old Testament

Introduction To The Old Testament

Corey Akeley: Introduction To The Old Testament

Corey introduces Quarter 3 of Vineyard Institute, 2018.  The Old Testament is often overlooked or largely ignored because people don’t understand it or see it’s relevance.  Corey will whet your appetite for embarking on a course to study the theology of the OLD Testament through a kingdom lens.

Creating A Biblical Culture | Holy Spirit Centred

Creating A Biblical Culture | Bible Based

Gaining A “Right” Idea of God – Gleanings from Jeremiah

Southland School Of Ministry | 1 Corinthians

Advent | The Light Has Come

Introduction To Spiritual Formation – Southland School of Ministry

Introduction To Healing 2 – Inner & Spiritual Healing

Corey Akeley: Introduction To Healing 2 – Inner & Spiritual Healing

Southland Church’s own Corey Akeley introduces Southland School of Ministry/Vineyard Institute “Healing 2”.  Corey introduces us to inner healing and some of the various aspects of spiritual healing and deliverance.