John The Beloved | God’s Friend

John The Baptist | God’s Truth Teller

Walking with God in the Rough Places | Paul

Walking with God in the Rough Places | Peter

Walking with God in the Rough Places | 1 Samuel 25 – Abigail

Ruth | God’s Redeemed

Elijah | God’s Overcomer

Rob Norman: Elijah | God’s Overcomer

Elijah was God’s overcomer. Overcomers ultimately defeat their opponents against the odds and often ‘steal victory from the jaws of defeat’.  Circumstances don’t inform the overcomer’s decision to persevere, sometimes they even rise-up as circumstances take a negative turn.


David | God’s Heart

Rob Norman: David | God’s Heart

God’s own testimony is that David was a man after his own heart. What an amazing commendation! David, who lost the battle with infidelity when he committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband killed in an attempt to cover his sin, was deeply flawed and sinful, yet God said he was ‘a man after my own heart’. This statement says as much about a Holy and merciful God as it does about David himself.


Joshua| God’s Visionary

Moses| God’s Leader

Joseph | God’s Favour

Rob Norman: Joseph | God’s Favour

Joseph’s life began with great promise. He was the favourite son of his Father, and he had a very positive outlook and healthy self-esteem. Favour invariably brings challenges with it, like Jacob, if we want to see God’s favour materialize we must learn to ‘stay the course’ with Him.