Cross-Shaped Discipleship

Gaining A “Right” Idea of God – Gleanings from Jeremiah

Philippians | Fragrant Offerings

Rob Norman: Fragrant Offerings

When we embark on a faith walk with Jesus there is every chance we will face seasons of living in want! The contemporary “faith message” doesn’t always deal with this fact well, many “faith preachers” leave us with the impression that to be ‘in want’ is to be without faith. Yet, the Apostle Paul, here, is strongly suggesting that followers of Jesus should expect to have seasons in our lives where we live in plenty and seasons where we live in want! Neither of these conditions are indicators of faith they are simply symptoms of life.

Philippians | The Lord Is Near

Philippians | Position Yourself

Philippians | We’re In This Thing Together

Rob Norman: We’re In This Thing Together

Like mindedness doesn’t mean we have the same opinion on every matter of life.  Our like mindedness is based on being ‘united in Christ’.  The brilliance of the church is that God has brought together people with different gifts and ideas for a common cause and purpose.

Philippians | The Meaning Of Life

Philippians | The Joy Of The Lord

Southland School Of Ministry | 1 Corinthians

New Years Eve | Forget What Is Behind

Rob Norman: New Years Eve – Forget what is behind (Philippians 3)

We don’t forget what God has achieved, or attained, in us; these are the foundations upon which He will build.  We do forget the pain and hardship because they are temporal; they belong to this world and are not worthy of the next world. In the end Jesus will ultimately wipe these hardships away.

Christmas Eve | Gospel Message

Advent | The Woman At The Well

Advent | The Light Has Come

Making Disciples | Works & Actions

Making Disciples | Christlikeness

Making Disciples | Obedience

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Obedience

Obedience sounds simple. The truth is, it’s easy to be obedient when we agree with the other person, it’s a whole different ballgame when we are in disagreement with the person to whom we are meant to be obedient. It’s at this place where real obedience kicks in.

Making Disciples | The Outward Journey

Rob Norman: Discipleship – The Outward Journey

Jesus is speaking to two groups of people here, those who hear His words and put them into practice, and those who hear His words and don’t put them into practice. The first group are able to withstand the tempest, the second group are destroyed by it.

Ordinary / Extraordinary | Support

Ordinary / Extraordinary | Leadership

Derek Morphew | Centre Of The Christian Faith – The Resurrection

Making Disciples | The Inward Journey

Making Disciples | Inside Out

Kenya – Participation & Synergos

Making Disciples | What Is Discipleship?

Introduction To Spiritual Formation – Southland School of Ministry