1 Corinthians | Only Through The Cross

1 Corinthians | The Wisdom & Power Of God

1 Corinthians | Background & Introduction

Rob Norman: 1 Corinthians| Background & Introduction

To extract the most from a letter such as 1 Corinthians it is important, we, as best as we can, immerse ourselves in the culture to which this letter was delivered. If we try to superficially read Scripture through 21st century eyes we will be limited by our worldview. When this happens, we limit what God is saying and we run the risk of getting it completely wrong.

Personal Calling

The Great Commission ‘As You Go’

Our Vision | 1000 Years

Priorities | Marketplace

Rob Norman: Priorities | Marketplace

The Marketplace is where we interact with the world on a daily basis. We are a church in the marketplace. Our vision to take ministry to the marketplace removes the separation between the sacred and the secular which is a form dualism.

This means: Our missiology (the way we do missions) must be consistent with our ecclesiology (the way we do church).

Priorities | Ministry

Priorities | Training

Priorities | Prayer

Priorities | Family

Priorities | Worship

Priorities | Scripture

Looking Ahead | 2020 Vision

Advent | God Became Flesh

Rob Norman: Advent| God Became Flesh

‘The Word became flesh (John 1:14) is this is the lynch pin of the Christian confession. Jesus did not cease to be God when he was born into the World as a human baby. He was not all-of-a-sudden God minus the bits that don’t fit into a baby.  Jesus is the ‘One and Only’.

Testimony | Mike & Barb Greenslade

Nehemiah | Spiritual Warfare

Core Values | The Works of God

Rob Norman: Our Core Values| The Works of God

There are many churches that preach a Gospel that is devoid of the miraculous kingdom works of Jesus. Even, Charismatic churches, often default to a position that is aimed at attracting people to church by providing a presentation.

Our preference if to provide a demonstrating of the power of God through the works of Jesus. This is the reason we have a ministry time.

Core Values | The People of God

Core Values | The Presence of God

Core Values | The Word of God

Truth & The Resurrection

Hebrews | The Way Ahead

Hebrews | How To Win A Heptathlon?

Rob Norman: Hebrews| How To Win A

Hebrews 13:1-10

This first part of Hebrews chapter 13 lays some very important foundations for the church.  The Christian life is portrayed as a race that we must win, and we win it by finishing everything Jesus calls us to.

What we haven’t realized, perhaps until now, is that the race is a heptathlon.

Hebrews | Understanding God’s Grace

Rob Norman: Hebrews| understanding God’s Grace

Hebrews 12

Hebrews paints the picture of a kingdom that is on a continuum; rather than discrete periods or ‘dispensations’ where God behaved differently and had different expectations of His people. In other words; the OT and the NT are a part of the same narrative; the God of the OT is the same as the God of the NT.