1 Corinthians | The Lord’s Supper & Culture

1 Corinthians | Our Magnificent Obsession

1 Corinthians | The Problem With Idols!

1 Corinthians | Temple of The Holy Spirit

Rob Norman: 1 Corinthians| Temple of The Holy Spirit

The Hebrew understanding of The Temple, is that this was the place where God’s glory and presence dwelt. In fact, the innermost part of the Temple, was called the ‘Holy of Holies’, this is the place where the Ark of The Covenant, the most Holy object in the Temple, belonged. The ark was synonymous with God’s power and His presence. It went ahead of the Hebrews it into battle and it was revered because it was synonymous with God himself.

This is what our lives should like as well. The same presence and power of God that was with the Ark of the Covenant should accompany all believers.

1 Corinthians | Kingdom Life

Rob Norman: 1 Corinthians| Kingdom Life

This worldly congregation at Corinth found it difficult to leave the world behind. Bear in mind, as we saw from the very beginning of this series, Corinthian life was heavily influenced by demonic strongholds. In many ways, the contemporary church faces similar challenges. A church that is not prepared to leave its worldly roots and lay down its worldly rights will find it difficult to experience kingdom life.

1 Corinthians | Should We Judge Others?

Rob Norman: 1 Corinthians| Should We Judge Others?

Tolerance: “A disposition to allow freedom of choice and behaviour”

Unfortunately, this “disposition” has been ‘weaponized’ in some circles whenever a protest is voiced on ‘moral’ grounds. Christians are frequently labelled as ‘intolerant’ and ‘judgemental’ in these kinds of conversations, sometimes even by other Christians. But, is it ever OK to judge the morality of others?

1 Corinthians | Leadership

1 Corinthians | The Resurrection

1 Corinthians | Spiritual Maturity

1 Corinthians | Only Through The Cross

1 Corinthians | The Wisdom & Power Of God

1 Corinthians | Background & Introduction

Rob Norman: 1 Corinthians| Background & Introduction

To extract the most from a letter such as 1 Corinthians it is important, we, as best as we can, immerse ourselves in the culture to which this letter was delivered. If we try to superficially read Scripture through 21st century eyes we will be limited by our worldview. When this happens, we limit what God is saying and we run the risk of getting it completely wrong.

Personal Calling

The Great Commission ‘As You Go’

Our Vision | 1000 Years

Priorities | Marketplace

Rob Norman: Priorities | Marketplace

The Marketplace is where we interact with the world on a daily basis. We are a church in the marketplace. Our vision to take ministry to the marketplace removes the separation between the sacred and the secular which is a form dualism.

This means: Our missiology (the way we do missions) must be consistent with our ecclesiology (the way we do church).

Priorities | Ministry

Priorities | Training

Priorities | Prayer

Priorities | Family

Priorities | Worship

Priorities | Scripture

Looking Ahead | 2020 Vision

Advent | God Became Flesh

Rob Norman: Advent| God Became Flesh

‘The Word became flesh (John 1:14) is this is the lynch pin of the Christian confession. Jesus did not cease to be God when he was born into the World as a human baby. He was not all-of-a-sudden God minus the bits that don’t fit into a baby.  Jesus is the ‘One and Only’.

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