Hebrews | Living By Faith

Hebrews | Kingdom Living

Rob Norman: Hebrews| Kingdom Living

Hebrews 10

The Christian life is not a “tweak” we make to our lives to help us through the tough times, provide us with good times or provide us with a free ticket to the afterlife club including your very own cloud and an eternity’s supply of harp lessons.

The Christian life is a completely new way of living. It is a complete game changer and it doesn’t integrate well into the world or environment around us.

Hebrews | The Kingdom Of Heaven

Rob Norman: Hebrews| The Kingdom Of Heaven

Hebrews 9, 10

The Tabernacle and everything in it were copies (or representations) of what takes place in Heaven.

In Heaven, God’s kingdom is executed perfectly every time. We know by experience that is not the case here in the natural world! Do we always see sick people healed every time we pray?

The sacrifices that took place in the Tabernacle were an imperfect representation of Heaven’s requirement for the payment for sin.    Only the perfection of Jesus could satisfy God’s justice.

This passage provides a great, classic, description of the Kingdom of God…

Hebrews | The Ultimate Sacrifice

Hebrews | Heaven & Earth

Rob Norman: Hebrews| Heaven & Earth

Hebrews 8

When a new version arrives the old becomes obsolete. Obsolescence is a good thing because it is indicative of something better coming.  This is how the kingdom of God works and Hebrews 8 highlights the eternal reality of heaven against the shadow of our earthly experience.

Hebrews | Types & Shadows

Hebrews | Growing Up In The Faith

Rob Norman: Hebrews| Growing Up In The Faith

Hebrews 5-6

Over the years I have seen many conservative evangelicals get bogged down on the fundamentals of the Christian faith because their focus was on doctrinal purity. In the process, they were resistant to the person and works of the Holy Spirit and become immature as Christians. Without the Holy Spirit Christians don’t grow up!

Hebrews | Priesthood & Calling

Introduction To Matthew & Mark

Who’s Parenting My Children?

Rob Norman & Phil Moss: Raising Children in the 21st Century

Training children is central to parenting. Sociologists tell us that a person’s worldview is mostly formed during in the first 12 years of their life.  Education, the internet and child-care are all areas many parents are losing control in raising children.  Rob and Phil look at some practical ways parents can regain control in raising their children.


Hebrews | Our Boldest Pursuit – God’s Kingdom

Hebrews | Battling Unbelief

Hebrews | The Humanity Of Christ

Rob Norman: Hebrews| The Humanity Of Christ

Hebrews 2

Jesus, the eternal Word of God, entered our world in a human body (the incarnation). He did not set aside any of the attributes that were rightly His, however, He voluntarily limited Himself to being a human being. His humanity came with certain restrictions. He could only be at one place at a time. He needed to eat, rest, and sleep. He could feel pain, bleed, and die. Before He became a man, He had no such restrictions.


Hebrews | The Superiority Of Christ

Rob Norman: Hebrews| The Superiority Of Christ

Hebrews 1

In 70 A.D., like today, the greatest attacks against the Christian faith are directed at the personality of Jesus. Is He God, is he “a” god, is faith in Christ “reasonable”.

Today many people believe Jesus was a great moral teacher but the idea that he is God is foolishness to them.

Leadership | Courageous Leadership

Just Give Me Jesus

The Prodigal Son

Leadership | The Formation Of A Leader

Leadership | The Gift Of Leadership

But You Are Different!

Leadership | God Centred Leadership

Resurrection Sunday 2019

Good Friday 2019

Raising Children in the 21st Century

Debbie and Rob Norman: Raising Children in the 21st Century

Most cultures have “rites of passage” – traditions passed down through generations that mark major transition points in the lives of children and young people.

Rites of passage are important in providing healthy transitions for children from infancy to childhood, from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to adulthood.


Transformation Of Our Minds