Our Relationships

Southland Church is an autonomous church led by Garry and Sarah Grosvenor, along with a Board of Elders, who are responsible for leadership and governance of the local church.

Our Ministry Friends

Left to right: Costa Mitchell, Bec Marshall, Lorraine Mitchell, Rob Norman, Debbie Norman, Paul Marshall

We have mutual relational accountability with our ministry friends, Rob and Debbie Norman (Previous Snr Pastors), Paul and Bec Marshall (Paul is Senior Pastor of Foothills Church, Penrith, NSW), Costa and Lorraine Mitchell (Costa is former National Director of the Association of Vineyard Churches, South Africa) and long term ministry friends Geoff and Chris Slade (Carindale, Qld).

Although we are no longer formally associated with Vineyard Churches, Australia, we respect and value their friendship.  We also have a strong, long term, relational connection with the Association of Vineyard Churches, South Africa.

Announcement: 21st March, 2016

Southland Vineyard Church is a church family born out of classic Vineyard values, theology and philosophy of ministry. We have a deep love for the Vineyard Movement globally. Twenty-one years in the Vineyard family have indelibly defined our values, our kingdom theology and who we are as a church.

During the first quarter of 2014 the senior leaders of Southland Vineyard Church, together with two other Australian Vineyard churches, initiated a dialogue with Vineyard Churches Australia regarding some points of difference. After an extended period of prayerful consideration, the leaders of Southland Vineyard Church have now decided to end our formal affiliation with Vineyard Churches Australia. This decision has not been taken lightly. Following much thoughtful prayer, and in consultation with mentors, friends and the Southland family, we now believe this step is necessary in maintaining our integrity with the values and philosophy of ministry that have been embedded in Southland since our inception. As a result, our name will change from Southland Vineyard Church to Southland Church.

We continue to love and respect our friends who are part of Vineyard Churches Australia and we pray for God’s richest blessing and favour on them as they seek to further the Kingdom of God here in Australia.

Southland Church will continue to be who we have always been – a church family born with Vineyard DNA, holding to classic Vineyard values, theology and philosophy of ministry. We will be intentional about strengthening our relationships with our mentors, friends and other like-minded churches locally, nationally and globally. Although our name will change, we are proud of our Vineyard heritage and will continue to relate to and uphold the wider Vineyard movement as family.

We are encouraged and excited by how God has spoken to us as a church family and we look forward with great expectation to all He has for us in the future.

Yours in Christ,
Garry & Sarah Grosvenor