Southland eChurch

Our services are streamed live each Sunday morning to allow those who can not otherwise attend church in person to be connected. Streaming commences just prior to 10.00 am (Adelaide/SA time, Australia). If you miss the live stream, it will be available as a ‘Live Recording’ by Monday afternoon. We aim to keep around one month of ‘Live Recordings’ online before moving these to offline storage.

This service is provided free of charge however you are welcome to contribute towards the cost of production by clicking on our PayPal ‘donate’ button.

Southland Church uses the information on this form to allow us to reply to your request. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of use.

*Access is granted at the discretion of Southland Church pastoral staff.

For best viewing experience you will need an internet connection with adequate band width to view a High Definition 720p video stream. Low bandwidth connections may result in substandard quality and buffering.