Southland School Of Ministry

Southland Church is committed to the kind of equipping and training that is, both, Biblically based and ‘kingdom of God’ focused.

Training is one of seven pillars upon which ministry at Southland Church is built. 

Corey Akeley
Director, Southland School of Ministry

Southland Church has two important partnerships to help facilitate our vision for equipping and training.

1. School of Leadership (SOL) – Vineyard, South Africa

SOL is our recommended training stream for those who are called to church planting, church leadership or further accredited studies.  SOL provides Certificate and Advanced Certificate studies in theology and leadership that is both ‘kingdom of God’ focused and Bible based.  SOL has an accredited partnership with the South African Theological Seminary. This will ensure that leaders and church planters who complete the Advanced Leadership programme at Academic Level can enter the Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) degree and be awarded recognition of prior learning for their studies.  The South African Theological Seminary offers full post graduate pathways to Masters Degree and PHD.

Information & Costs:

  • Leadership Certificate (1 year, $1,200 * total or $100 per month)
  • Advanced Leadership Certificate (2 years, $2,400 * total or $100 per month)

* Includes regular online interactive ‘Zoom’ tuition with the course professor, videos, study notes and assessments.  Cost of texts/books is around $100 per year.

For more information about School of Leadership (SOL) go to

For inquiries or more information on studying with SOL at Southland Church please contact us.

2. Vineyard Institute (VI)

Vineyard Institute (VI) is a catalog, or library, of short courses that typically each run for around 10 weeks.  We run these courses in a collaborative small group context at Southland Church on Monday evenings.

Information & Costs:

  • Vineyard Institute courses: USD $140 per course for Southland students (subject to change by VI).
  • Quarterly tuition fee: AUD $50 (for students who opt for tuition in a Southland collaborative group)  This is an optional group facilitated by Southland Church to help you through the Vineyard Institute course.

For more information about Vineyard Institute go to

For inquiries or more information on studying with VI at Southland Church please contact us.