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Rediscovering Jesus in History - Derek Morphew


Derek Morphew, Ph.D.

Derek is Academic Dean of Vineyard Institute.

He was educated at Michaelhouse High School in Natal, South Africa, where he was converted to Christ through the ministry of Michael Cassidy, a well-known South African Evangelist. He then did his theological training at Rhodes University, where he majored in Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology (BA cum laude), after which he obtained his PhD in the field of New Testament Studies at the University of Cape Town.

His career has gone through three stages, first as pastor and church planter, then as coach and overseer to pastors and churches, and then as developer of educational systems. He was the primary developer of Vineyard Bible Institute, has been the formative influence in Vineyard International Publishing, and after working for Vineyard Leadership Institute for a brief spell has been responsible for the academic development of Vineyard Institute.

He has published thirteen works, available on, and has written numerous unpublished manuscripts for educational and training purposes.

Rediscovering Jesus in History

These two sessions are for people with an inquisitive mind and developed theological framework to look at the implications of relatively recent research into the historical Jesus.

Derek Morphew on "Rediscovering Jesus in History" -

"By kingdom theology I refer to an approach to the primary message and mission of Jesus as enacted, inaugurated eschatology.

This, in turn, forms part of the rediscovery of Jesus in the last century and this century that places him in the context of Second Temple Judaism. It can truly be said that since the discovery and translation of the literature of that period, Jesus research has been able to place Jesus in his historical context in a manner that was not possible in previous centuries. Placing Jesus in his historical context has worked in synergy with two other factors; the post-holocaust dialogue between Jewish and Christian scholars “rediscovering” Jesus, and the shift from modernism to postmodernism leading to a review of the historical method. Emerging out of these factors was the new synthesis between futurist and realised eschatology. Since all of these have only taken place in the post Second World War period, kingdom theology represents a truly fresh departure.

This rediscovery of Jesus is of major significance, since the way we see Jesus affects everything: the way we see God, salvation, mission, the Christian life, and the church."

Session Times

Wednesday October 18, 10.00am - 11.30am

Thursday October 19, 10.00am - 11.30am


FREE!  These two sessions are open to all who attend the Kingdom Breakthrough seminar, to pastors and Bible College students.  Registration is FREE but limited.  It is necessary to book a spot!

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