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Philippians | The Lord Is Near

Rob Norman: The Lord Is Near The kingdom of heaven is full of ‘hidden treasures’ waiting to be found. They are not hidden so that we can’t have them, they are hidden so that we will seek them and find…

Philippians | We’re In This Thing Together

Rob Norman: We’re In This Thing Together Like mindedness doesn’t mean we have the same opinion on every matter of life.  Our like mindedness is based on being ‘united in Christ’.  The brilliance of the church is that God has…

Philippians | The Meaning Of Life

Rob Norman: The Meaning Of Life The only solution to the helplessness of our generation is to call them to a radical obedience to Jesus. A Gospel that simply adds Christianity to our lives is profoundly deficient and an affront…

Philippians | The Joy Of The Lord

Rob Norman: The Joy Of The Lord Paul’s joy was obviously NOT dependant on money, power, healing or acceptance of others. His joy came from knowing Jesus. Not a false or fabricated Jesus, but Jesus of Nazareth, God’s only begotten…

New Years Eve | Forget What Is Behind

Rob Norman: New Years Eve – Forget what is behind (Philippians 3) We don’t forget what God has achieved, or attained, in us; these are the foundations upon which He will build.  We do forget the pain and hardship because…

Making Disciples | Works & Actions

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Works & Actions Disciples do the works of Jesus – announcing the good news of His kingdom, healing the sick, casting out demons and releasing miracles.  These actions require a paradigm shift and a leap into…

Making Disciples | Christlikeness

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Christlikeness Sanctification and empowering are both miraculous works of the Spirit; in fact, it is arguably more miraculous to change the character of a person than it is to work miracles through them.

Making Disciples | Obedience

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Obedience Obedience sounds simple. The truth is, it’s easy to be obedient when we agree with the other person, it’s a whole different ballgame when we are in disagreement with the person to whom we are…

Making Disciples | The Outward Journey

Rob Norman: Discipleship – The Outward Journey Jesus is speaking to two groups of people here, those who hear His words and put them into practice, and those who hear His words and don’t put them into practice. The first…

Making Disciples | The Inward Journey

Rob Norman: Discipleship – The Inward Journey For the disciple, the journey inward is not a journey of introspection, self-examination or isolation from others. It is a journey that is ultimately and outwardly productive.

Making Disciples | Inside Out

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Inside Out Discipleship is both an inward and outward journey.   The discipleship journey is one in which we are becoming more like Jesus. This is necessarily a slow process, in fact it is a lifelong commitment.

Making Disciples | What Is Discipleship?

Rob Norman: What Is Discipleship? When we look at Jewish discipleship as it was understood within the context of Jesus’ first century setting, we begin to understand just what Jesus was demanding that we do among the nations.

In The World | 14 – Kingdom Life

Rob Norman: Kingdom Life As kingdom people, the way we live should present a stark contrast to the way everyone else in this world lives, even more as time progresses.

In The World | 13 – Leading with Integrity

Rob Norman: Leading With integrity Leaders of integrity are a scarce commodity in the world.  Christians can make a real difference simply by showing the World God’s heart for leadership through the way we lead.

In The World | 12 – World Changers

Rob Norman: World Changers Jesus’ prayer carries with it an underlying expectation that those whom Jesus prayed for would bring change to the World. The kingdom of God is about change. Through our presence and activity, we display the kingdom…

In The World | 11 – Hearing God

Rob Norman: Hearing God It may seem like a given but a major key to being in the World yet not of the World is our ability to hear God. God has never been as close to us as He…

In The World | 10 – Raising Families in the 21st Century

Rob Norman: Raising Families in the 21st Century Raising children in the 21st century has many challenges attached to it that no other generations have faced.

In The World | 9 – Kingdom Ethics

Rob Norman: Kingdom Ethics A Biblical code of ethics and morals will always bring true Christians into conflict with the world. We should not be surprised when we come under fire from the World on any number of areas including…

In The World | 8 – Leadership & Power

Rob Norman: Leadership & Power True leadership is found in people who are somewhat reluctant to step into an “office” or “position”. These people generally lead instinctively and don’t need or want the recognition and power that accompanies the office….

In The World | 7 – Sex & Sexuality

Rob Norman: Sex & Sexuality The modern view of sex and sexuality was formed in a process of revolution and redefinition in the 60’s in what was called the “sexual revolution”.  Clearly the World’s attitudes towards sex and sexuality have…

In The World | 6 – Money

Rob Norman: Money The is a saying “Money makes the world go around”.  We live in a capitalistic society where money is at the heart of every major decision we make.  How should a Christian approach money issues?

In The World | 5 – Could Tolerance Be An Enemy?

Rob Norman: Could Tolerance Be An Enemy? The Church is struggling to respond in a redemptive way to many of the issues front and centre in a post church culture.  Same-sex-marriage, gender theory, abortion, prostitution are all examples of areas in…

In The World | 3 – Staying The Course

Rob Norman: Staying The Course It is easy to stay the course when there is a tail wind and everything is going well; it’s a whole different game when head winds come, we suffer equipment failure and loss of resources.

In The World | 1 – Not Of This World

Rob Norman: Not Of This World As disciples we are in the world but not of the world. The Christian life is to be the ultimate example of the coming together of heaven and earth.

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 10 – Rule of Life

Rob Norman: Rule of Life The intent of a Rule of Life is that God becomes our source of growth and security; He becomes our Lord as well as our Saviour. A Rule of Life provides minimal structure upon which…