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Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 8 – Loosing Well

Rob Norman: Loosing Well Failure, loss and grief are the three big items that Christians often “spiritualize” in unrealistic ways, by denying the facts. In fact true spirituality is not an escape from reality but an absolute commitment to it.

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 7 – Worship At The Wall

Rob Norman: Worship At The Wall The dark night is a wall we hit in which we have no control, but if we understand it, can provide a significant opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth.

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 6 – Living Within Your Limits

Rob Norman: Living Within Your Limits How do we embrace our limits without limiting God?

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 5 – The Real You

Rob Norman: The Real You If we are to embark on a process that exposes the real ‘us’ we must learn to love ourselves.

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 4 – Becoming Yourself

Rob Norman: Becoming Yourself One of the greatest obstacles in knowing God is our lack of self-knowledge.

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 3 – Where Do I Start?

Rob Norman: Where Do I Start? The Christian life is not so much about our relentless pursuit of God as it is about His pursuit of us.

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 2 – Integrating The Two

Rob Norman: Integrating The Two In order to break up the compartmentalisation of our lives we must learn to bring together our private life and our public life, our emotional life and our spiritual life.

Emotional & Spiritual Growth | 1- Knowing God, Knowing Self

Rob Norman: Knowing God, Knowing Self. Spiritual and emotional maturity begins by knowing ourselves well and knowing God as He is not as we want Him to be.