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The Power Of Your Story

Debbie and Rob Norman: The Power Of Your Story News flash! We probably will not win the World to Christ using Power Evangelism as a model.  We will collectively win many more thousands, if not, millions of people to Jesus if we…

The Reality of Sin and Redemption

Phil Moss, Lachlan Brockbank & Justine Guglielmo: The Reality of Sin and Redemption

Cross-Shaped Discipleship

Andy Steere: Cross-Shaped Discipleship

Gaining A “Right” Idea of God – Gleanings from Jeremiah

Corey Akeley: Gaining A “Right” Idea of God – Gleanings from Jeremiah

Philippians | Fragrant Offerings

Rob Norman: Fragrant Offerings When we embark on a faith walk with Jesus there is every chance we will face seasons of living in want! The contemporary “faith message” doesn’t always deal with this fact well, many “faith preachers” leave…

Philippians | The Lord Is Near

Rob Norman: The Lord Is Near The kingdom of heaven is full of ‘hidden treasures’ waiting to be found. They are not hidden so that we can’t have them, they are hidden so that we will seek them and find…

Philippians | Position Yourself

Garry Grosvenor: Position Yourself The Apostle Paul, on positioning ourselves for what is to come Philippians 2:19-30

Philippians | We’re In This Thing Together

Rob Norman: We’re In This Thing Together Like mindedness doesn’t mean we have the same opinion on every matter of life.  Our like mindedness is based on being ‘united in Christ’.  The brilliance of the church is that God has…

Philippians | The Meaning Of Life

Rob Norman: The Meaning Of Life The only solution to the helplessness of our generation is to call them to a radical obedience to Jesus. A Gospel that simply adds Christianity to our lives is profoundly deficient and an affront…

Philippians | The Joy Of The Lord

Rob Norman: The Joy Of The Lord Paul’s joy was obviously NOT dependant on money, power, healing or acceptance of others. His joy came from knowing Jesus. Not a false or fabricated Jesus, but Jesus of Nazareth, God’s only begotten…

Southland School Of Ministry | 1 Corinthians

Corey Akeley: Introduction to 1 Corinthians Southland School of Ministry provides mentoring and peer group support for students who study with Vineyard Institute.  Q1, 2018 Corey is leading a course based on 1 Corinthians

New Years Eve | Forget What Is Behind

Rob Norman: New Years Eve – Forget what is behind (Philippians 3) We don’t forget what God has achieved, or attained, in us; these are the foundations upon which He will build.  We do forget the pain and hardship because…

Christmas Eve | Gospel Message

Henry Olonga: Christmas Eve – Gospel Message

Advent | The Woman At The Well

Garry Grosvenor: Advent – The Woman At The Well

Advent | The Light Has Come

Corey Akeley: Advent – The Light Has Come

Making Disciples | Works & Actions

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Works & Actions Disciples do the works of Jesus – announcing the good news of His kingdom, healing the sick, casting out demons and releasing miracles.  These actions require a paradigm shift and a leap into…

Making Disciples | Christlikeness

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Christlikeness Sanctification and empowering are both miraculous works of the Spirit; in fact, it is arguably more miraculous to change the character of a person than it is to work miracles through them.

Making Disciples | Obedience

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Obedience Obedience sounds simple. The truth is, it’s easy to be obedient when we agree with the other person, it’s a whole different ballgame when we are in disagreement with the person to whom we are…

Making Disciples | The Outward Journey

Rob Norman: Discipleship – The Outward Journey Jesus is speaking to two groups of people here, those who hear His words and put them into practice, and those who hear His words and don’t put them into practice. The first…

Ordinary / Extraordinary | Support

Garry Grosvenor: God uses the ordinary in an extraordinary way – Support Garry looks at the vital, sometimes unseen, roles of those who support front line leaders.

Ordinary / Extraordinary | Leadership

Garry Grosvenor: God uses the ordinary in an extraordinary way – Leadership Garry takes us through King David’s life and reveals some pearls for leadership

Derek Morphew | Centre Of The Christian Faith – The Resurrection

Derek Morphew: Centre Of The Christian Faith – The Resurrection The resurrection is at the absolute centre of the Christian Faith.  History, phenomenon and implications.

Making Disciples | The Inward Journey

Rob Norman: Discipleship – The Inward Journey For the disciple, the journey inward is not a journey of introspection, self-examination or isolation from others. It is a journey that is ultimately and outwardly productive.

Making Disciples | Inside Out

Rob Norman: Discipleship – Inside Out Discipleship is both an inward and outward journey.   The discipleship journey is one in which we are becoming more like Jesus. This is necessarily a slow process, in fact it is a lifelong commitment.

Kenya – Participation & Synergos

Andy & Mardi Steere: Kenya Mission Update Andy and Mardi Steere give us an update on there past six years worsking as missionaries in Kijabe, Kenya.