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All believers in Jesus have been called to the ministry. Ephesians 6:12 indicates that an important role of The Church is to equip people for the work of ministry; at Southland we have a number of programs that train and equip us for different aspects of life and ministry. These programs run from time to time; we are always exploring other ways of training and equipping for many different aspects of life as well. Here are a few:

Prayer Ministry Training: Sometimes referred to as the Vineyard Five Step Prayer Model – is a very practical training in prayer ministry, that can be used in our public meetings, small groups and out in the streets (marketplace). We have a time of teaching and then have a time of practical demonstration…often people receive healing while we have this ‘clinic time’. This is a 1 session course

MC510 ‘Signs & Wonders’: So called because it’s origin; MC510 is the course code for this practical course in signs and wonders which was taught at Fuller Theological Seminary by Vineyard founder John Wimber as part of the Missions Syllabus; it is now a DVD course featuring John Wimber and other Vineyard leaders of the eighties and nineties. John was a practitioner; therefore he taught and demonstrated the power of the Kingdom of God. He demystifies and explains how we should be, and can, operate in signs and wonders and he gives practical demonstrations in how we can do it. This is an 18 week course.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage: This is a wonderful DVD series by Mark Gungor the founder of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. Mark’s candid and comic approach uses unforgettable illustrations and the power of laughter to teach proven principles that are guaranteed to strengthen any marriage. We run this course in several different formats, ranging from an evening and a morning or the ‘Gourmet Edition’ running over several evenings with food, desert and drinks. It is a fun way of strengthening your marriage.

Pastoral Care at Southland Church

We want everyone who attends Southland to develop friendships, experience the joy of serving God and one another, and to grow in their relationship with God so that God can impact people in the marketplace wherever we are. Pastoral care revolves around these values and so everything we do as a church includes providing opportunity to serve and be cared for.


Facilitating Pastoral Care:

Small Groups: We encourage everyone to join a small group because this is where relationships form which provide support and care. People in small groups form close friendships that naturally provide support for each other through life’s ups and downs. We consider our small group leaders as pastors, people who care for others, their role is to care for people and facilitate healthy family relationships.

Serving: We also value serving and encourage all to be involved. We have discovered that often when we serve, our needs or problems are taken care of or at least put into a better perspective. One of our phrases: “We all get to play” means we can all be involved; whether that means helping with coffee, greeting, praying for the sick, leading groups, helping clean up etc. As we serve, we also work with others to advance God’s Kingdom in ways that we often surprise us.

Prayer Ministry: We value prayer and the presence of God. Often there are resolutions or insights that only God can provide. Most times when we come together there will be a time for prayer ministry, this is when the power and presence of God will come and bring healing, renewal, or freedom from affliction. We also aim to teach and train so that everyone can be equipped for prayer ministry in a church or marketplace context.

Pastoral Care is a ministry of the whole church where we are all are valued in God’s family.

Greg Scholefield.
Associate Pastor (Small Groups)